Thought provoking, and in the light of recent actions by Mumnsnet, there are comparables to be drawn between the sisters and the Icelandic radfems.


“I am a dedicated women’s rights advocate but I’m also a men’s rights advocate and even becoming more of a men’s rights advocate as I want to see gender equilibrium in our society. I don’t want men to experience what women experienced before, that women are so strong that men have to struggle in order to maintain equal rights. To me it is important that men and women have the same rights in our society.


We’ve come far and a lot has been gained but we still do not have complete equality. We all know that when we don’t see equal pay for equal work we don’t have equality. We must value the jobs of women equally to those of men. However, the golden mean is the road to travel. All extremism is bad. It contradicts the nations psyche and a social struggle that becomes too extreme is counter productive…

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