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Phil Rance, Father

When I started to talk to lawyers about the end of my marriage, their advice on arrangements for my children came as a rude shock: “if you go to court, you will get every other weekend and one day in the week. Anything better than that, you’ve done well.” I got second and third opinions. I spoke to barristers, friends-of-friends as well as my own solicitor. The advice was consistent.

The break up of my family was not my choice. I love family life – it was and is the foundation of my motivation and happiness. Our family operated on the traditional model: I worked to earn money, which funded a comfortable lifestyle while my wife cared for the children. I think I was a supportive and involved husband and father: changing nappies, clearing up sick, reading, playing, preparing meals and doing chores when I wasn’t working. Of course, my…

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