Last week,  Dr Rob George, a  “member of the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford, specialising in family law and policy” chose to open what he called a”debate” on family law with F4J, following a radio discussion between him and Nadine O’Connor. The Debate, which you can read here http://legalliberal.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/debating-family-law-with.html?m=0 was not in fact a debate, but a rather childish pop at 2 named individuals, along with some rather astonishingly inaccurate statistics.  Despite a request from F4J to discuss these figures, George remained silent and refused to comment further on the blog (when is a debate not a debate? when only one side is willing to discuss while the other hides behind Mavis Maclean’s skirts).

I cam across a new blog yesterday which more than refutes Dr George’s claims, backed up with intelligent argument and meticulous research.  http://exinjuria.wordpress.com/

So who do you think is right?  My money ain’t on George and his OXFLAP coven who are doing everything they can (including perverting stastics) to further their own anti father and anti-shared parenting agenda.