Tackling the myth of the “quickie divorce”


The media today are full of stories of Rowan Atkinson’s divorce from his wife, Sunetra.

The versions in the press are identical, showing not only a common source, but also a common failure to apply any editorial oversight to the story.

The first version I read was in the Telegraph, so it is on that version that I shall comment.

The Telegraph’s headline reads, “Rowan Atkinson divorced in 65 seconds on grounds of his ‘unreasonable behaviour’”.

There are a few issues even with that headline, and the first is that the Atkinsons are not yet divorced, and won’t be for some months, so the headline is inaccurate on that ground alone.

Secondly, and to be pedantic, ‘unreasonable behaviour’ is not a ground for divorce, for which there is only the one ground of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Unreasonable behaviour is one of five ‘facts’ which may be adduced…

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