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There are a number of alternative options:

Represent yourself entirely. Wikivorce is the best free resource for litigants in person in family proceedings. The only costs you would incur are your own travel/stationery/other associated costs and court fees. You would do all the work, and have to address the court yourself. You can always take a McKenzie Friend with you to provide support, take notes and quietly give advice during the court proceedings.

Represent yourself, and use a solicitor on an as and when basis for legal advice (known as unbundling). Although you would be doing the bulk of the work yourself, you would still have the back-up of legal advice from a solicitor, and be able to keep a tight reign on the costs.

Represent yourself, do the work, and instruct a direct access barrister to represent you at hearings and speak on your behalf at court hearings – especially a Final Hearing.

If your spouse is a high earner, then it may be possible for you to apply to court for a Legal Services Order, which would provide you with assistance in paying your legal costs. More information can be found here – Legal Services Orders

This post on Wikivorce has a wealth of very useful guides/articles/document templates that LiPs may find useful –Useful Resources for Litigants in Person

Over the next few months, I will be focusing on writing and sharing articles aimed at those who are unable to afford a solicitor and who have no option but to represent themselves in family litigation.